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Women’s Success Summit

For Women Who Want More Prosperity, Purpose and Success!


Join Master Coach Patricia Campbell for a 3-day deep dive into everything you need to make your dream real! 

May 3- May 5, 2024, Friday 1-4 pm, Sat 10-4, Sun 10 - 12 PDT

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Spots are limited, so save yours now!

Does it ever feel like there’s an invisible ceiling on your success?

Whether it’s money, time, freedom, relationship happiness, health or fulfillment- you just seem to keep creating the same result no matter what you do. 

Learn a proven system for transformation that creates results every time, all in a single weekend. I am going to help you accelerate your growth, break through the success ceiling, and get brand-new, abundant results.


  • You feel stuck, uncertain, or overwhelmed and not sure how to make the changes you want to make.

  • You aren’t living a life you truly love, but you don’t know what to do to change it.

  • You lack confidence or the belief in yourself to go after what it is you desire.

  • You are ready for a fresh perspective, clear direction and a support system to achieve your next level of success!

  • You feel like you are meant for MORE!

Spots are limited, so save yours now, and get the early bird $50 discount! Coupon Code WSSEB50

During this Live Event, You will Discover:

  • Simple mindset strategies that will move you from fear, doubt and worry (and 3 types of thinking that can stop your dream in its tracks). These strategies will serve you for the rest of your life!

  • How to stop procrastinating and thinking "I should..." to actually taking consistent action steps towards what you want.

  • The BIG step most people miss when building a dream (miss any of these and you may never see your dream come true). 

  • A proven transformational process to get results, followed by the most successful people through history and today. Full details below.

  • The Number One factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated every single day.  

  • The 1 critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream.

  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join Patricia live on this event and she will answer your questions throughout the presentation.

  • Community Building to expand your vision, stretch your imagination, and meet other dream builders.

Day 1

Designing Your Dream

You will be taken through a proven system to uncover your vision and reignite your passion.

• Take a five point test to determine if your vision is right for you.

• Learn an important mental move required to move your vision forward that most people miss.

• You will end the day with a crystal clear written vision of what you would love to be, do, have and create in your business and life.

This clear direction is the foundation for your transformation!

Day 2

Navigating the Gap

Uncover what has been holding you back.

• Understand the programming in your subconscious mind, and learn empowering internal dialogue to create greater results.

• Simple thinking strategies that will stop fear, doubt and worry.

• Begin to identify what thoughts are holding you back from what you would love.

No matter how unsure you may be right now, you CAN change your life.

Day 3

Building Your Dream

Learn what separates "dreamers" from Dream-Builders 

• Unlock the hidden manifestation code to reach new levels of success.

• Attract people and resources to help you along the way.

• Learn what wealthy people do that creates sustained success.

• Learn how to transform your vision into real world results.

Finish the weekend feeling inspired and supported in living a life you LOVE!

About Patricia

Patricia Campbell is an award-winning, certified transformational coach, inspiring speaker, best-selling author, and wildly successful entrepreneur who is at the forefront of the movement to empower women.


From a struggling single teenage mom to a self-made millionaire, her extraordinary story of transforming her own life is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach other women it is possible to create lives they absolutely love. Patricia’s determination and resilience have inspired women for over 20 years helping them break free and build their dreams.


Reaching her rock bottom at the age of 37, Patricia committed to creating the life she dreamed was possible. For the next 30 years, she immersed herself in personal growth and transformation, a journey that led her to study with world-renowned teachers such as Mary Morrissey, Lisa Nichols, and Dr. Claire Zammit.


She now facilitates programs and workshops for women based on the vast wisdom accumulated over three decades of dedicated study.

She provides a clear, practical and proven blueprint for highly motivated women to become unstoppable. She empowers them to break through invisible obstacles and discover their infinite potential for creating richly fulfilling lives.

Finish the weekend feeling inspired and supported in living your best life!

Spots are limited, so save yours now, and get the early bird $50 discount! Coupon Code WSSEB50


What Others Are Saying

Ever since I attended my first workshop with Patricia, my life has opened up and expanded in ways beyond my wildest dreams. I have learned the art of manifesting my true desires in all areas of my life! This workshop is life-changing!!

– Brenda Jungwirth Edmonton, AB

Business Development Canada, Vivos Therapeutics

Working with Patricia and the transformational system she offers has been life-changing. I have created results far beyond what I thought was possible. I am following my passion, building my naturopathic telemedicine practice, and living my greatest life in Switzerland with the man of my dreams.

– Dr. Janice Dacyshyn N.D.

Edmonton Clinic of Naturopathic medicine

This is the best investment I have ever made in myself! Since I have been doing this work with Patricia, I have had extraordinary results in my life, most significantly with financial abundance.  

– Debby Andrew, Newfoundland

Working with Patricia has helped me conquer so many limiting beliefs. Truly the best investment I have made it myself!

– Zahra JiwaRealtor/Actor

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